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At Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, we beleive that our children are our greatest gift and bring a new inspiration of fatih into our midst.  We actively seek ways to help children to be active in Sunday worship and in the life of our congregation.  We beleive that it is important for our children to be in worship so that they can grow in their faith and begin to understand how we live out that life of faith in worship.

With this in mind, we understand that there are times that parents can be overwhelmed by a child who is having a bad day or just is just being a child.  We cannot expect a child to be perfect at every moment of the service or the day for that matter. 

Below are links that will be helpful to parents in how to relate to your children during a worship service.  This information is also useful for all of us (parents and other parishioners) to use to help us understand our children in worship and how we can be more welcoming and accepting of them as they grow in their faith.

Children in Worship                           Welcoming Children in Worship